In a world where the quality of information is increasingly complex and demand grows exponentially, it is paramount to be able to respond proactively to the needs of our customers. We accomplish so with proprietary products and tailor-made solutions that allow you to share information at anytime, anywhere and on any format.


Thanks to our technology, we generate important information in real time, that is both cost-effective and efficient. Our customers choose how their costs are managed or how new sources of income are generated. Our data is always monetizable.


Our experience and technological development enable us to convert any vehicle into a Connected Car, integrating it with Smartphone, Tablet and PC. Our customers have access to all its information which allows to cut costs and optimize consumption. The power is in the hands of the customer.


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To generate information on mobility in order to provide our customers with the best services when one needs them.

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To be No. 1 in Big Data and information management. Furthermore, we are agnostic from the point of view of technology.

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Ethical, confidential, committed and enthusiastic to be the best. This is the DNA of our company which, together with team spirit, enable us to maintain a climate of flexible work, which is responsibility and objective-led.

Grupo Next is a holding company for a group of companies and services with a shareholder structure made up of institutional investors with strong solvency and capitalization.