Your vehicle can permanently be located, thus your family will always be monitored.


Given any incident or even before any problem arises, we are here to help you.


Ability to locate your car in real time. We provide alerts on any unauthorized movements (tow trucks, robbery,…)

Remote Diagnostic

With our system, you have access to carry out a remote check of your vehicle without having to take it to the garage.


Welcome to the saving services, thanks to Grupo Next service agreements.


You can generate automatic alerts to manage your vehicle.


Driver risk profile rating

The Grupo Next Drivers’ Rating platform has been developed with the advice from an international select group of actuaries and experts in Usage Based Insurance. Based on this, it is one of the key predictive indicators in the sector. We have created a driver’s risk profile following user driving patterns such as speed control, acceleration and deceleration, among others.

Actuarial Support

The platform has been designed by actuaries specialized in Pay for Use Insurance, taking into account all the factors affecting the Risk Profile. These actuaries are part of our team of car insurance specialists who can be contacted by our customers for feedback on options for risk rating and product offers.


Claims management is a component of great importance in telematics insurance for passenger transport vehicles. The two main objectives in the case of an accident is to give immediate attention to the driver and occupants of the car and to manage claims quickly and efficiently.

Hardware options for Pay for Use services

One of the most important aspects in Pay Per Use insurance is to keep the cost of the device and its installation as low as possible, to generate and collect all the information necessary for assessing the driver’s Risk Rating. The device provided by Grupo Next collects all the information necessary for the best Driver’s Risk Rating at a reduced cost.