With all this information, companies can now present current inefficiencies, which directly impacting their income statement.

We offer a complete layer of services in real time from an APP that convert any vehicle into a true Smart Car.


We have developed a platform and service to make your life simpler. We provide information you need, when you need it. One only pays for information, with access to parameters on mobility, monitoring and remote diagnostic of the vehicle.

Access to a full sample of services and benefits in one integrated first-generation application.

Integration about your Connected Car on your Smartphone, Tablet and Web. You can access all the information regarding your vehicle and different offers.




Architecture and solution, created and optimized on the platform, with multi-access.


Designed in modules with immediate capacity through the incorporation of new modules and functionalities and remote downloads.

365 Days

Developed so that the application works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Auto recovery, thanks to 3 DPC (Data processing center) and machines in the cluster.


Limitless capacity on our platform anticipated to support great volumes of work and Big Data analysis.